MYS Mobil

MYS Mobil

Mobile Sales

Denge Mobile Sales is a POS solution with a high-end technological architecture that instantly records the end-to-end sales process. It is the fastest and most stable mobile POS application in the sector with its highly effective design. It allows systematical management of the whole sales process utilizing touchscreen technology. Denge Mobile Sales does not experience “freezing during orders” seen with many programs, due to its offline/online operating capability. Most functions available on Denge Mobile Sales fixed terminals can also be carried out on mobile terminals.

In a business where Denge Mobile Sales is implemented, the waiter

  • Opens a tab at the table and enters the customer order,
  • Sends orders to preparation stations,
  • Performs any type of order change (additional items, returns and cancellation) by directly amending the tab,
  • Closes the tab with requested payment type.


  • Faster information flow to the preparation station is maintained,
  • Customer orders are processed much more quickly.

Enterprises Informed With Denge Reports

Access your Denge Reports through mobile devices without comprimising data security; make a difference with your performance.