Customer Opinions


Mitte Brot aims at providing added value to the city through taste, quality, respect for labor and care. Just like our dear "expert technology consultant" Arkhe which strives for "the best."

Zeynep MOROĞLU Mitte Brot

Parantez strives for doing its job well from menu to service and for a “bright future.” Easing our life and allowing us creating “stars” with its trouble-free execution, Arkhe is our best helper.

EMRE SARPKAN Parantez Founding Partner

Bibuçuk is a high-quality special brand growing on the basis of its affordable cuisine and frequenters’ trust. We put our trust in Arkhe for business management and we are happy with our decision from the first day.

HAKAN AKALIN Bibuçuk Founding Partner
Medine SAPMAZ - Doğan SEVİL

İoki is a business which offers genuine Far East cuisine through a distinct expert interpretation and incorporates care for each detail. Sales and stocking management of all İoki branches is trusted to the one and only professional hand which exhibits the same level of care.

Medine SAPMAZ - Doğan SEVİL İoki Founding Partners

Changa has achieved several firsts with its bold and transparent approach. 10 years ago, we believed in Arkhe for restaurant management and have never left since.

Tarık BAYAZIT - Savaş ERTUNÇ Changa Founding Partners

Juno achieved success through embracing the business fully and the care bestowed upon every detail. Arkhe is a crucial detail for us, our “sine qua non.” We are grateful for their team for the support.

Ömer NOYAN Juno Restaurant Founder
Civan ER

Preferring products special in every way is the main difference which sets Tazele apart from others! We run sales and all other operations flawlessly; this is one of features what makes Arkhe…

Civan ER Tazele Founding Partners

S Cafe & Brasserie is more cautious, careful and meticulous in every step since it is affiliated to Tekfen Holding. They are always there for us. We made the right choice.

Kemal AŞKIN S Cafe & Brasserie Business Manager

The secret behind The Upper Crust’s success is absolutely high quality pizza. We have laid our claim from the first day. Arkhe is performing well in every aspect. We enjoy receiving support 24/7.

Mert YILMAZ - Muzaffer BERBEROĞLU The Upper Crust Founding Partners

The Wrap has reached its 16th year by working in a “precise and planned” manner without compromising “quality and sincerity.” Thanks to Arkhe, we have never been caught unaware; they have always been there for us.

Tolga SARAÇ The Wrap Founder
Sabahattin KURT

Has Kral is a great brand founded by my father which has been serving royal families. Arkhe is our most dear, oldest partner. We will be partnering with Arkhe for each new branch, even overseas.

Sabahattin KURT Has Kral Hatay Sofrası Managing Partner

Tarihi Sarıyer Muhallebicisi is a 3rd generation family business employing skilled artisans and offering products without additives. Arkhe is local and provides a system tailored for us; we can access information at desired level of detail.

İlyas GÖÇMEN Tarihi Sarıyer Muhallebicisi Manager

The higher the quality, the more one will be preferred. Köşe Kahve is an instance for that. We are happy to have Arkhe lead the way in our sectoral process.

Tomris MARAVENT Köşe Kahve Founding Partner
Cavidan BOZ

The secret behind Chef Edward’s Café and Restaurant is being present at the workplace more than the employees. For us, Arkhe’s most exceptional aspect is that we speak to an actual person upon calling instead of a recording.

Cavidan BOZ Chef Edward’s Café and Restaurant Founder
Yeliz Şahin

Smyrna’s secret is that it is a place for regulars, sincere relationships and a cozy home atmosphere. We feel the warmth of a family with Arkhe just like our customers feel with us. We used a different system before. We succeeded with Arkhe!

Yeliz Şahin Café Smyrna Founder
Bukan ÜNAL

The secret behind İkbal’s success is being open to innovative ideas while having a traditional approach to the current market. Arkhe is sincere… One always feels the comfort of receiving unlimited support from an attentive team. We are very happy to work with Arkhe.

Bukan ÜNAL İkbal Lokantacılık Franchise Director

Sultanyar’s secret is to have a good team, having an understanding of the business and loving the job. What sets Arkhe apart from the competition is speed and ease-of-use. Their 24/7 solution oriented approach and high regard for customer satisfaction make Arkhe leader.

İzzet SULTANYAR Sultanyar Kebapçısı Manager

J’adore and La Fontana’s secret is that we love working hard and are pleased with our business. We crossed paths with Arkhe in 2011. This system is the way to minimise leakage in hot money flow: Denge.

Vedat TUFAN J’adore Chocolatier & La Fontana di Trevi Founding Partner

Ömür’s success is due to high quality products used by skilled artisans and the fact that we run the business personally. All troubles experienced with previous systems are now gone with Arkhe… What can a manager ask more than a solution-oriented enterprise?

Kenan SAVCI Ömür Restaurant Manager

What brought success to Zeplin is primarily the concept and then that we kept to our dream, details and principles…The fact that Arkhe can develop modular solutions for our varying needs provides us speed and detailed statistics.

Serhat KANKUR Zeplin Pub & Delicatessen Founding Partner
Tuğana OKAN

Cutie Cake Co. is a boutique enterprise with a claim, where dreams become reality through magical formulas. We move forward on a sound foundation and say “Arkhe for management” from sales to production.

Tuğana OKAN Cutie Cake Co. Founder
Burcu Sayar MERİÇ

At Padoca, we strive for ‘doing our job well’ and we do it as a ‘team’! Arkhe supported us greatly both during establishment period and later on; I have always had someone to contact. It is much easier to use compared to other systems. We made the right choice!

Burcu Sayar MERİÇ Padoca Founder
Pelin Uğur AKÜN

Pelin’in Ekmeği has an ever-growing core customer group for 2 years. Our sincerity and the high quality we maintain are major factors… Arkhe’s difference is the service provided and the excellent quality/price ratio. The fact that they are very attentive is also important. We are constantly in touch since the system was implemented.

Pelin Uğur AKÜN Pelin’in Ekmeği Founder