CRM Customer Monitoring

Customer Monitoring

Customer Monitoring

Denge is an Arkhe solution aimed at maintaining customer continuity for your business and supporting brand awareness through executing several processes in parallel. In other words, it is a Denge Sales Management System integrated CRM solution.

Where can it be used?

Anywhere the Denge Sales Management System is used.
It is a solution preferred particularly by chain enterprises.
It is preferred by businesses providing boutique services for maintaining customer continuity.



No Customer Monitoring System Information
1 Bonus monitoring Included
2 Discount Card Included
3 Como Mobile App Integration Optional
4 Zubizu Mobile App Integration Optional
5 Hopi Mobile App IntegrationOptional

Why Denge CRM?
It is a CRM solution designed particularly for the needs of the hospitality sector, which

  • Allows easy management of sales processes with Denge Sales Management System.
  • Is effective for maintaining and increasing customer continuity.
  • Promotes brand awareness.
  • Ensures customer satisfaction.
  • Helps customers establish an emotional connection with the brand.

Enterprises Informed With Denge Reports

Access your Denge Reports through mobile devices without comprimising data security; make a difference with your performance.