CMS Call Management System

Call Management System

Call Management System
  1. This solution from Denge
  2. Resolves customer telephone calls by checking and displaying CallerID,
  3. Records each incoming call in the database,
  4. Classifies records according to type (e.g. new order, order follow-up calls, unanswered calls),
  5. Helps analyze various parameters such as number of unanswered calls to the delivery number, how many of these were called back, how many new customers called, and how many customers made follow-up calls for their orders, etc.

With Denge SMS Call Management System, you can

  1. Quickly analyze customer calls,
  2. Swiftly determine faults in delivery order process,
  3. Easily observe staff-related or structural problems

Since Call Management System may also be integrated with Denge Courier Tracking System, in case of customer order follow-up call, you can access extensive information such as how many of the customer’s orders are being prepared, or on the road, and how many orders placed to date (by month, year, all time), even before answering the call.

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