SMS Sales Management System

Sales Management System

Sales Management System

Denge Sales Management System is an advanced restaurant automation program which ensures no dialogue, continuous running sales operations through a simple touch by employees.

It allows for systematic sales process management with simple visual touch buttons on fixed and mobile POS terminal displays. It helps keep check and order processes under control and thereby realize a significant performance increase. ;

It is a corporate POS solution which ensures customer satisfaction, enhances intracompany trust and offers a sectoral experience which can rearrange workflow.

Where to use ?

  • Restaurants
  • Nightclubs
  • Delivery service businesses
  • Hotels
  • Cafes/Bars
  • Self-service restaurants
  • Patisseries
  • Holiday villages


No Sales Management system – Standard Information
1 General POS Module All sales functions
2 Fast Service Operations Self-service, fast-food
3 A La Carte Service Operations Table setup, go-stop
4 Delivery Service Operations Telephone and name querying, address-based delivery assignments
5 User Card System Card access (magnetic, fingerprint)
6 Barcoded Sales Retail sales operations
7 Current Account Module Current account monitoring, unpayables, limit control
8 Invoice Module Invoice, e-invoice, invoice current figures
9 Mobile Reporting Instant reporting
  SMS Additional Modules Information
1 Mobile Sales Management System General sales system with hand terminal
2 Call Management System Corresponds caller ID with customers and orders
3 Courier Tracking System Manages order
4 Hotel Integration Integrates sales data to hotel front office
5 Yemek Sepeti Integration Automatically transfers orders to Denge
6 Website Order Adapts integration to enterprise’s website

Why Sales Management System?

  •  Saves time and money by providing full automation for all business units.
  •  Increases customer satisfaction by enhancing service quality.
  • Provides full control over business operations.
  •  Ensures faster and higher quality operation with reduced labor overhead, eliminates human-induced errors.
  • Provides fast and secure information flow with instant reporting capability.
  •  Ensures that only predefined operations are carried out.
  •  Provides fast, simple and balanced workflow once processes are planned.
  •  Engenders management and employee confidence since orders are instantly processed.
  •  Provides quick return on investment.

You no longer have to work at the coalface if your business is managed with the Denge Sales Management System.

Package Compariso

            Package Compariso
            SALES PROGRAM

No Information


SMS Standard

SMS Packages

SMS Hotel


Single User License


General POS Module

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Fast Service

x x x

À La Carte Service

x x x

Delivery Service

x x x

GMP3 Fiscal Module




TSM Fiscal Module





User Card System

x - x

Fingerprint Control System

x - x

Barcoded Sales System

x x x

Current Account Module

x x x

Invoice Module

x x x

Mobile Reporting

x x x

Mobile Sales Management System





Call Management System


x -

Deliverer Tracking System


x -

Hotel Integration

- - x

Mobile Mini Bar Integration

- - x

Yemek Sepeti Integration




Website Order Integration




Mobile Sales System

Denge Mobile Sales is a POS solution with a high-end technological architecture that instantly records the end-to-end sales process. It is the fastest and most stable mobile POS application in the sector with its highly effective design. It allows systematical management of the whole sales process utilizing touchscreen technology. Denge Mobile Sales does not experience “freezing during orders” seen with many programs, due to its offline/online operating capability. Most functions available on Denge Mobile Sales fixed terminals can also be carried out on mobile terminals.

In a business where Denge Mobile Sales is implemented, the waiter

Opens a tab at the table and enters the customer order,
Sends orders to preparation stations,
Performs any type of order change (additional items, returns and cancellation) by directly amending the tab,
Closes the tab with requested payment type.


Faster information flow to the preparation station is maintained,
Customer orders are processed much more quickly.


What can you do with it ?

  • Easily perform all sales functions (sales, cancellation, returns, changing waiter/cashier/covert/table, order/tab/invoice/bill printouts).
  •  Perform operations normally considered professional features such as splitting/combining/cancelling tabs, diplomatic sales, point of sale/user tab transfer using visual function buttons.
  •  Close a tab with multiple simultaneous payment entries and also perform payment type changes in closed tabs.
  •  Improves relations between preparation stations and front-of-house service with advanced go-stop/order message functions; providing uninterrupted service quality.
  •  Sell products by weight using a very simple operation.
  •  Monitor customer current accounts, and sanction purchases on a limited or limitless open account basis.
  •  Accept different category payments such as unpayable/complimentary, and monitor such payments with respect to accounts.
  • Customer address/invoice information is recorded once and then recalled automatically for subsequent invoicing. This reduces labor costs and increases customer satisfaction when invoicing.
  •  Define and manage promotion campaigns, set discounts and exclusive prices.
  •  Set an unlimited number of price definitions with the price level function; activating prices automatically at predetermined times and dates.
  •  Automatically activate unlimited numbers of discounts with unlimited details and discount groups at predetermined times and dates.
  •  Manage the delivery service sales operation. Automatically determine caller identity (CallerID) and instantly access customer details.
  •  Instantly view any customers’ last three orders, making customer dialogue more efficient.
  •  Manage detailed work processes for deliverers with easy-to-use visual function buttons.

Enterprises Informed With Denge Reports

Access your Denge Reports through mobile devices without comprimising data security; make a difference with your performance.