CMS Cost Management System

Cost Management System

Cost Management System

Denge Cost Management System is a stock monitoring software for managing hospitality enterprises’ end-to-end stock processes; from initial goods and material input to serving finished products to customers including ordering, procurement, stocking, shipment, recipe, inventory, and costing.

At the touch of a button... Would you like to know why your steak sales last month do not match your inventory count? What about after sales profitability, recipe costs, complimentary and unpayable costs, or changes in procurement figures? If you would like to precisely observe estimated and actual costs, then Cost Management System is just right for you!

Where to use?

  • Restaurants
  • Nightclubs
  • Delivery service businesses
  • Hotels
  • Cafes/Bars
  • Self-service restaurants
  • Patisseries
  • Holiday villages
  • Sports/Health Centers and other hospitality businesses...

    Providing solutions for a wide variety of businesses such as
  •  Enterprises with automated production of any kind,
  • Massive food production businesses,
  •  Cafeterias and stores at institutions such as hospitals and schools.

What can it do?

  • Record procurements for your enterprise and analyze on the basis of company or product.
  • Observe product, price and seller efficiency instantly; thereby controlling your procurement processes.
  •  Keep records of your recipes and goods, and report on recipe costs according to buying and selling prices.
  • Define different recipes for different dates to monitor changes in recipe content due to business operations.
  •  Define recipes for semi-finished products and monitor production process via these recipes.
  • Control hard-to-quantify production operations with “open production” and “quick production” functions which are easily adaptable to any food and drink business.
  •  Perform automatic inventory removal upon sale on the basis of recipes and monitor supposed inventory of your business.
  • Define unlimited numbers of items/barcodes for goods in your inventory; perform inventory count using a mobile terminal via barcodes.
  •  Keep your business under control by obtaining inventory count differences with momentary stock counts.
    ​Reach instant current stock, min-max stock information, and make order and procurement requests.

    Arkhe’s feature-packed Denge Cost Management System successfully manages all processes from stock ordering and procurement to serving customers an end product. It generates fiscal reports and helps you make managerial decisions and plan a roadmap based on these reports.

    Why a Cost Management System ?

    A “Corporate Solution” achieved through our vast experience in the sector

    “Simplicity Principle” as refined through expertise

    - “Speed” obtained by excusive design for automation conditions

    - “Unlimited Function” addressing businesses of any size

    - “Parametric Structure” arranging features to be employed when needed

    - An “Open System Expanding According to Needs” thanks to these features

    ​Denge Cost Management System is an advanced solution capable of depicting the enterprise’s current status. Its foremost partner is the Denge Sales Management System.

    ​Package Comparison​

           STOCK PROGRAM

No Features Packages
CMS Standard CMS Professional CMS Enterprise
1 Daily Operations Module x x x
2 Transfer Request Feature x x x
3 Recipe Module x x x
4 Production Module - Quick Production x x x
5 Production Module - Advanced Production Optional x x
6 Inventory Monitoring Module x x x
7 Min-Max Stock – Needs Planning - x x
8 Periodic Operations x x x
9 New Period Operations x x x
10 CMS Web Order Module Optional Optional x
11 Wholesale Module Optional x x
12 Order Procurement Module - Optional x
13 Catering Module - Optional Optional


Mobile CMS

Denge Mobile CMS is an Arkhe solution for instantly recording all stock processes in the field. With Mobile CMS inventory, changes are recorded as they happen; moving the cost department from a mere bookkeeping structure uninvolved in any process to an active monitor of all live processes.
In an enterprise where Denge Mobile CMS is implemented, records are instantly kept when

  • Products are received from other companies,
  • Transfers are made between warehouse and department,
  • Products are manufactured at sites of production.
    Continuous stock count is therefore maintained and counts instantly updated to the system.

    ​This means that,

    All stock processes are kept under record as they happen;
    Errors due to entering records afterwards and related time loss are prevented;
    Pre-emptive live recordkeeping processes during operation preventing problems later on;
    Significant time and labor savings achieved;
    Instant inspection becomes possible.



Enterprises Informed With Denge Reports

Access your Denge Reports through mobile devices without comprimising data security; make a difference with your performance.