SYS SMS Sales Management System

SMS Sales Management System

SMS Sales Management System

Denge Sales Management System is an advanced restaurant automation program which ensures no dialogue, continuous running sales operations through a simple touch by employees.

It allows for systematic sales process management with simple visual touch buttons on fixed and mobile POS terminal displays. It helps keep check and order processes under control and thereby realize a significant performance increase. ;

It is a corporate POS solution which ensures customer satisfaction, enhances intracompany trust and offers a sectoral experience which can rearrange workflow.

Where to use ?

  • Restaurants
  • Nightclubs
  • Delivery service businesses
  • Hotels
  • Cafes/Bars
  • Self-service restaurants
  • Patisseries
  • Holiday villages


No Sales Management system – Standard Information
1 General POS Module All sales functions
2 Fast Service Operations Self-service, fast-food
3 A La Carte Service Operations Table setup, go-stop
4 Delivery Service Operations Telephone and name querying, address-based delivery assignments
5 User Card System Card access (magnetic, fingerprint)
6 Barcoded Sales Retail sales operations
7 Current Account Module Current account monitoring, unpayables, limit control
8 Invoice Module Invoice, e-invoice, invoice current figures
9 Mobile Reporting Instant reporting
  SMS Additional Modules Information
1 Mobile Sales Management System General sales system with hand terminal
2 Call Management System Corresponds caller ID with customers and orders
3 Courier Tracking System Manages order
4 Hotel Integration Integrates sales data to hotel front office
5 Yemek Sepeti Integration Automatically transfers orders to Denge
6 Website Order Adapts integration to enterprise’s website

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